Being a laboratory dedicated to the optimization of shipbuilding processes in order to support managerial and operational decisions, through simulations and analysis of risk, performance and productivity for different technological scenarios.

To become a reference to the naval sector, in the development of the process optimization and in the training of human resources devoted to the simulation of shipbuilding processes.

  • Commitment: Permanent searching for improvement and reliable results to those expected by the customer.
  • Innovation: Constant investments in the improvement of our internal processes, scientific papers, software’s, to better respond to the demand of the laboratory and the ship and offshore sectors.
  • Academic valuation: Encouraging professional and academic growth of graduate and postgraduate students, turning the labor application to the area of simulation and optimization, and thus, enlarging it.
  • Team work: Communication, joint effort and knowledge exchange that will add quality of service and agility in achievement of the stipulated targets.

The Simulation Laboratory of Shipbuilding Processes (LABSEN) has been created in 2006 to meet the growing demand of simulation technology for shipbuilding processes and digital manufacturing. The projects developed have provided technological and personnel training to meet the challenges related to the construction, installation and maintenance of offshore systems.

The LABSEN is located in Fundão Island’s Technology Center and has been supported by FINEP and Transpetro/Petrobras for its implementation. It offers physical infrastructure as well as advanced software and the team consists of professors, undergraduates and graduate students.

The laboratory aims to be a tool dedicated to the evaluation of existing shipyards or to the prospective evaluation of processes for different technological and management scenarios, in order to support management decisions such as shipyard layout planning, production planning, operational decisions, and capital investment.

The main products of LABSEN are teaching, research and development services of simulation models related to the optimization of processes for shipbuilding and offshore industry. The main lines of research of LABSEN are applied in transport processes, logistics, production, manufacturing and maintenance of ships and offshore structures. Amongst them, the assessment of processes performances by the development of Discrete Event Simulation (DES) can be emphasized, as well as the improvement of resource utilization by identifying bottlenecks and by application of optimization algorithms. The work in the LABSEN also involves the assessment of productivity and developing of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for continuous improvement and risk assessment on time and costs associated with the production and the application and improvement of Lean Manufacturing tools.